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Polyurethane Core Material for CNC Test Material

Injection Molding Samples

Test Material - Excellent and Inexpensive

POLYPRUF CNC TEST MATERIAL is an excellent and inexpensive means of testing NC programs prior to production. Testing can be done at substantially increased feed rates, and dimensional stability is maintained even in web sections of 0.060”. POLYPRUF is manufacture in the following sizes: 48” x 48” blocks, 2” through 6” thicknesses. Cylindrical shapes are available in 4” through 12” diameters by 24” in length in the same densities. Special shapes, sizes and densities can be special ordered. Densities can be from 20-35 lb/ft3/ft3.

LIGHTWEIGHT 2 TO 4 lb/ft3 POLYPRUF is ideal for model and mold making. It is easy to carve, sand and shape to virtually any pattern or design. This makes POLYPRUF an excellent medium for one-of-a-kind items or for the production of hundreds of replicas from your master.

If you are involved with: CNC machining, prototypes, models, commercial architecture/remodeling, advertising, or assembly of electronic components, may we suggest that you contact us at Kayco Composites. Let us help you explore possible uses of POLYPRUF to improve your development and production schedules…and profits!


  • Excellent and inexpensive CNC program testing:
    • Increased feed rates during program testing
    • Integrity allows cutting errors to be corrected
    • Reduced time and cost
    • Minimal cutting tool wear
  • Less expensive than aluminum
  • Ideal for demostrations and training
  • Dimensional stability
  • Easily sanded and shaped
  • Densities - 20 to 35 lb/ft3/ft3

Various Shapes, densities, and sizes:

  • Blocks - 48"x48" in 2" to 6" thickness
  • Cylinder - 4" to 12" Diameter by 24" long
  • Special shapes, sizes and densities upon request