Kayco Composites, LLC

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Quality Products since 1972

Kayco Composites, LLC is a family owned and operated business providing quality products to the government and private sector since 1972. Kayco Composites started out manufacturing decorative items by using injection molding and poured urethanes. The business grew into various industries including aerospace, arena decking, marine, and transportation. Kayco Composites prides itself on the reputation it built by working with such companies as Cobalt, Skeeter, Tracker, as well as ATK Thiokol, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and many other.

In 1995, Kayco Composites partnered with Skeeter Bass Boats to create our Kay-Cel Core. Kay-Cel Core is a closed cell (cross-linked polymer) polyurethane/fiberglass panel that has very low water absorption. It has excellent strength-to-weight ratio properties compared to marine grade plywood. Then, in 2000, Kayco Composites leveraged the inherent benefits of urethanes into the ice arena industry by producing a cover that will insulate and protect the ice, but will not stick to it.

Our plant is located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area on 4 acres with a production facility of over 30,000 ft2. We are continually adding capacity through new equipment, facility improvements and a growing workforce of dedicated employees. The majority of our employees have been with Kayco Composites for more than 10 years and the founding partners have been with the company since inception. We take great pride in our experience level and commitment to long-term relationships with our customers.

Quality Management Program


Quality is a top priority for Kayco Composites. We use only the best materials to ensure that you recieve the highest quality products. Kayco Composites maintains good working relations with companies that require the hightest standards because of the dedicated employees in all levels of production.


Testing can be done in-house with our Instron Machine. We are happy to test your current materials against Kay-Cel to compare physical properties.


State-of-the-art manufacturing equipment is crucial to developing our high quality products. Some of our equipment includes: CNC routers, high-tech sanding systems, and electronic data transmission capabilities to add instant transfer of technical drawings and data.


Delivery of goods is made in a timely manner. we make every effort to ship your order on time. We understand that you need a dependable, flexible supplier.


The people behind the products are what makes Kayco Composites succeed. Many of the core group of employees have been working at Kayco Composites for more a decade. We value and respect their hard work.