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what is Kayco TriangleKAY‑CEL CORE?

KAY‑CEL CORE is a rigid, high-density polyurethane foam core panel manufactured with or without fiberglass reinforcement. This sandwich construction offers several schedules of fiberglass reinforcement to fit the customer needs. Panel thicknesses range from 1/2" to 2-1/4" with densities from 20 to 35 lb/ft3.

Marine Application

Kayco TriangleKAY‑CEL CORE Applications

KAY‑CEL CORE is a high-density polyurethane foam/fiberglass architectural/structure panel. It is used in various industries including deerblinds, ice decking, marine, transportation, general staging/risers, and many others due to its inherent strength and lack of water absorption.

Injection Molding Samples

Kayco TriangleKAY‑CEL CORE for Arena Decking

KAY‑CEL ICE DECKING provides a durable barrier which both protects and insulates. KAY‑CEL ICE DECKING was designed for quick conversions with convenient features such as finger lifts and larger panels. It is also strong enough to withstand high traffic by crowds and heavy equipment.

Injection Molding Samples

Injection Molding

Kayco Composites has over 35 years of injection molding experience. Our thermoplastic products range from construction parts to precision parts Our associates are experienced in all phases of production, inspection, finishing, and packaging.