Marine Industry

Composites and Boat Construction

Kayco TriangleKay-Cel is used in many areas of the boat such as in the transom, stringers, decking, hatches, and many other applications.

Ice Arena

Arenas with Ice Decking

Protection and Insulation

Ice Decking protects and insulates the ice when the arena is used for events such as a concerts and basketball games.

Aerospace and Defense

Space Shuttle

Quality high precision parts

Engineers at ATK Thiokol first approached Kayco in 1986 about creating a protective polyurethane plug for Space Shuttle booster rockets. Our participation in aeorspace and defense contract work has grown to include NASA, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, and others.

Arena with Ice Decking

Our Third Thiokol Certificate of Achievement

"Thiokol Space Operations is pleased to present Kayco with the Supplier Exceptional Merit Award for their dedication to quality, innovation, cost reduction and particularly for their commitment to continuous improvement."