Kayco Composites specializes in manufacturing a
high-density polyurethane foam core called
It is produced either in sheets reinforced with
fiberglass or unreinforced depending upon the
customer's needs.

KAY-CEL is often used as a replacement for wood in
the marine industry for high stress areas such as in
the bulkheads, stringer system and the transom of the

A floor cover has also been developed using
KAY-CEL for ice hockey arenas.  These ice covers
have been sold throughout the United States, Canada
and abroad.

In addition, Kayco has been injection molding and
providing various plastic and urethane parts for
countless industries since the inception of the
company in 1972.

Quality management systems have been implemented
over the years while working on  projects with ATK
Thiokol and Lockheed Martin.   Not only do we strive to
high standards, but we truly care about our work.
Let the Kay-Cel Advantage work for you!
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"For over 35 years, Kayco's driving force has been to
build a strong team with common goals.   We are
dedicated to offering our customers high quality, timely
delivery, and overall value."

-Robert R. Raith
Managing Partner
Specializing In Quality
Products Since 1972
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